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Truth or Lies

beneath all lies

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Well...I often switch modes...

Before I was an Anime fan/Gundam, Naruto, Bleach fanatic. Then I turned into a Fangirl for 4 years and now...I'm back to being an Anime Fan.

Fangirl Times...

+ I am a solid Akame (Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya) Fan. I think Kame and Jin are together.
+ Yabuki Hayato and Odagiri Ryu is my favorite of all Akame pairings. I love them as much as I love my Anime OTP.
+ I started as a Akanishi Jin fan and still am now!
+ I am Kamenashi Kazuya's #1000th fan. Because everyone is claiming that they are the #1.
+ I am so IN LOVE with KAME's BACK!
+ I still think that Kame looks Hot in 16'00'00
+ Favorite KAT-TUN PV: Signal, D-Motion and GOING!
+ favorite KAT-TUN Song: Kimi michi, 4 seasons, Utaitsuzukeru, Right Now, Faraway, On My Mind
+ Jhonny Kitagawa...robbed my pockets!

Anime Side...

+ I am a Big Fan of Naruto.
+ I think Naruto is hot when he turned sixteen.
+ I think Sasuke is also hot with his new outfit and hairstyle.
+ Kishimoto Rocks my socks
+ Suigetsu should be my brother...he's cool and I really like him.
+ Deidara stole my heart the moment I saw him (blame him for me changing sides)
+ Can't get enough of Ninja action!
+ I want to be an ANBU-nin

Fairy Tail...
+ I like the action scenes and symbols when they cast magic.
+ Erza has cool armor costumes.
+ I so dig and ship "LOKI x LUCY"
+ thinks that Loki looks like Ichigo from bleach.
+ Gray is my first love and I find Gajeel funny.
+ I want to join Blue Pegasus guild, cool guild mark.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn...

+ Gokudera Hayato is my first love in KHR.
+ Belphorg stole my heart away. shishishi.
+ Byakuran is cool and should kidnap Yuni again.
+ Yuni and Byakuran should have a moment.
+ Colonello is the coolest arcobaleno, reborn comes second.
+ thinks Hibari Kyoya can kick a lot of ass.
+ KHR Third Opening song is cool and I like it!
+ Mafia thing-y is very rare so KHR is cool.
+ Future Time travelling.