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25 February 2025 @ 09:43 pm

 Okay!~ I just got nothing to do...really...i'm bored so I'm doing this Fanfic page :D:D:D
Yeah! THIS is what happens when I'm bored :D:D:D:D
Fic List:

TAKE THE LOVE TRAIN: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Summary: Jin is a chat addict, So as his Co-worker Kamenashi Kazuya. Kame, having a long term crush with his co-worker, was about to give up and looks for someone who could help. He met this someone but what if this someone is Jin? What would happen?


Summary: What's with Jin liking birds? And Kame likes what too??

COFFEE, SHIRT AND A LITTLE ANGEL: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

Summary: Kame works at a takoyaki store while Jin works at a ramen shop near the takoyari store. Even though their works are near, they personally don't know each other until they met a little angel.

WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO (collab fic with aoi_tenshi05 ): Beginning | Chapter 1 |

Summary: When Kame and Jin broke up and Jin left for LA. Koki came into the picture and left his best friend Maru, with one sided love. Then Jin comes back and takes Maru, but it's still not happily-ever-after for all of them.

WHAT IF'S: Drabble |

Summary: Kame was writing something when Jin messes it up by answering it :D


Summary: Miroku is thinking about something and Hayato makes a promise of a life time :D


Summary: Eternal Love is the sweetest thing in the world. But if one loves too much things are not as sweet as before. Hatred, Sorrow and Sadness will accompany it. Will Kame and Jin be able to survive this roller coaster ride? Will Ueda be in time to save both of them?

LASTING MEMORIES: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Alternate Ending |

Summary: it's tragic and someone is sick. Akame :D:D:D:D

A TYPICAL LOVE STORY (TaNaka pairing): Love story |

Summary: their love story is not just any typical love story

THORNED FLOWERS (TaNaka and Akame): Flowers |

Summary: People fell in and out of love, I thought I was different but i was not. Sharing the same fate with 15,000 other people out there.

CONCERT: Cd store |

Summary: Akame brought them together and they met in a music shop.
06 January 2010 @ 02:29 am
Title: concert
Pairing: Tanaka
Genre: Au
Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters. I am still an akame fan.
Summary: Akame brought them together and they met in a simple music shop
A/N I dedicate this fic to aoi_tenshi05 ( i know how to link her or something i'm just lazy to do it). I guess I owe her a lot of tanaka fics. hehehe! I should be writing fics for akame :D

concert??Collapse )

It was like fate wants to play with them at that time. There were not enough words to describe those moments that they shared.  Feelings and words that would not be forgotten as the seasons continues to change every so often.

I don’t know if I have the right and the courage to continue this story. But from what someone told me a long time ago, memories of the past will not be forgotten if those who are in the present will continue to carry on the story.

It was a memorable line for me. It may sound invented and not that wise, but for me what that person said was true because up ‘till now I am still carrying a memory that will live on forever.

The sky is getting darker and darker by the minute and the show has just begun. Thousands of people are at the dome sharing that wonderful moment with them. It was a dream come true to experience this moment watching them perform in front of everyone, in front of your eyes. No words could describe that moment as everyone cheered for the duo that’s performing on the stage.

Koki waves his uchiwa with excitement as the duo gets ready for their next performance. This is it, the moment that both he and his friend Maru have been waiting for ever since they have become friends. To be able to watch AKAME’s concert in Tokyo Dome live.

Noticing that his friend is not waving his uchiwa like him, Koki looks at Maru only to see that the other is giving him a simple but longing smile.

“Hey! How come you’re not waving your uchiwa! That’s unfair Yuichi!” Koki pouts amidst the loud cheering fan girls around them.

“Well, not everyone Is as energetic as you Koki!” Maru says, chuckling a bit. Koki looks around and frowns. “Okay, I waved my uchiwa when Kamenashi-kun passed by. You happy now?” Maru added and he is rewarded by a tight hug from the other which made him blush. Good thing that the Dome his quite dark so the other didn’t noticed it.

“More than happy” He smiles brightly at his companion. Then Akame starts to sing a familiar song, a song that made both of their hearts beat a familiar rhythm that only they can hear.

“You know what, this song reminds me of the day when we first met” Koki says while still listening to the song, missing the meaningful that Maru had on him.

“It was an unforgettable moment for me. Who would have thought that you were actually an akame fan boy as well? I mean majority of the people who listens to their songs are girls yet you were there standing beside me and hesitating of you would pick up the CD or not.” Koki laughs a bit as he starts to remember that moment as if it just happened yesterday receiving a slap on the back of his head from the other.

“Well, you are not so different yourself.  You were even ready to bite my head-off the moment I tried to touch the damn thing!”

“It’s not a damn thing okay! It was my first gift to you remember!” Not in a million years would maru ever forget the first gift that he received from the other. It was just as special as the other gifts that Koki had given him all throughout their years of friendship. Although all of the gifts that he received from him were akame related, not that he mind them it’s just that it was kind of weird for him.

Koki and maru had been planning for a long time to watch their idols in live concert but every time their idols had their concert they were in the unlucky ones who didn’t have the chance to even buy a ticket. Therefore they always end up buying every single concert DVD that was released by the duo. They may not experience the thrill that those other fan girls had experience, but for them watching it peacefully together is more than enough for them.

Ever since their fateful meeting at the music shop that day, they made sure to meet each other every chance they have which happens to be every day. They would sit and talk about stuff that interests them. At first they had a hard time opening up to each other because they thought that they have nothing in common aside from akame that is. But as the time flies by the differences that they have became the bridge to bring their friendship closer.

After their first few meetings Koki started to feel something for his friend a feeling that is somewhat forbidden yet something that you are willing to cross the border for just to have that wonderful feeling once more. Up till now Koki still hasn’t told Maru about his feelings, he was looking for the right moment. He wants it to be special and memorable just like their first meeting.

That was when he saw the advertisement in the television. Akame will have their concert in Tokyo Dome. That was it; since it was akame that brought them together then it will be akame who will help him confess to his friend.

The concert is almost half-way done and maru starts to feel uneasy. His vision is blurring a bit and he is having trouble in controlling his breathing. He wants to tell Koki that he is not feeling well, but seeing the wide smile on his friend’s face he knew deep in his heart that he can’t do it. He just loves Koki that much, that he is willing to endure whatever he is feeling at that moment for him.

Maru knows about Koki’s plan. Not that he knows about the other’s feelings for him before. It just so happen, a few days before the concert he overheard Koki talking to one of his friends over the phone saying something about Akame concert, tickets and confessing. He thought that his heart was broken into tiny pieces; he thought at that moment that it was some random girl whom Koki would bring to the concert when in reality it was him that he promised to go to the concert with.

Maru struggles to keep himself steady; he has to wait for that moment. The moment that they are both waiting for, it seems that his body is not cooperating with him; but fate is.

As if on cue the song that Koki has been waiting for began to play. Maru looking at him again with that longing look as if he would never see him again; Koki did not notice this as he was closing his eyes feeling the moment as the words flows out of his lips.

“Yuichi there is something that I want to tell you a long time ago. I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I met you but I couldn’t find the chance and courage to do it. But now, I ready. What I want to say to you is…Yuichi…I…”

When Koki turns to face maru once again, he never knew that it was the last time that he would see the other smile that way. Because the next thing he knew is that Maru falling towards him, good thing he was in time to catch him.

He held him close as he sat them on the chairs. Koki smiled sadly as he listen to the last rhythm of the song. “You did not even wait for me to tell you how much I love you. You’re still unfair Yuichi.”

Amidst the loud cheering of the crowd around them, a single tear rolls down Kamenashi Kazuya’s face as he witness his friend lost his special someone while he was singing the song.  That last song was dedicated for them and them alone….




concert??Collapse )
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25 November 2009 @ 08:45 pm
Sometimes I wonder why do I even care? Why do I even have to think of ways to make them feel better. Why do I have to trouble myself with their own personal problems.

But I guess that is just me. No matter how much I want to runaway from them when they have problems so that I will not be bothered by it. I Just can't. I'm stuck with them and I am stuck with this.

Sometimes, I want to runaway as far as I could, so far that I won't be able to reach them and vice-versa. I want to go to a place that no one knows who I am so that I could live my life peacefully. But i guess even if I found that place, i won't be able to stop myself from worrying about them.

Sure, i could by pass for a month or two. But for the following months, things will start to eat me up.

As much as I want to help them, I am nothing but a person trapped in a hole. of course they have their own minds, they know what's right and wrong. All I could do was to watch from afar and see them take the roads that they think is the right path.

I won't leave them, if that is what you are worrying about. I'll still be here, around.

whether it be friends, family or the boys. Really can't help but problem their own problems.

Maybe a good long vacation is not such a bad idea right? hmm...i should take up on that offer then.

oh well, nobody forced me into this okay. It's just me and my random thinking.

I guess, thinking too much into the future is a bad thing...............................

or not.

before I end this....." No matter what kind of obstacles, hardships, broken relationships, and broken dreams we may encounter. We shoudl never give up. Life doesn't end here. It's just the begining. Don't let such things eat you up and destroy the dream you built for yourself. Because if you let it eat you up too much then...you will never be able to build another dream again."
09 November 2009 @ 12:17 am
Title: Thorned Flowers
Genre: Au
Pairing: Tanaka
Summary: People fell in and out of love, I thought I was different but I was not. I was sharing the same fate with 15,000 other people out there.
Disclaimer: Even though I wrote 2 tanaka fics I'm still a Akame fan. The plot of the story is mine :D. I do not own the characters except for the girl.
Author note: This is my comeback fic, I hope the readers will like this. It's short but meaningful. I dedicate this fic to aoi_tenshi05 and freysan . I hope you will enjoy this. Comments are love but if you don't like to then it's fine.

19 April 2009 @ 12:26 am
Title: A thing called confusion...???
Pairing: Kinda one-sided thing
A/N: I just wrote this randomly. It has nothing to do with fandom fic. More like my own story. Anyway, I don't care if people actually read this since it's not that good. It's just that random thoughts are passing through my mind right now.

(everything has it's beggining and end)Collapse )

07 January 2009 @ 03:36 am
A/N: I was supposed to finish the sequel that was requested from me...but instead I ended up writing the "supposed to be epilogue". but anyway I had fun writing this! hahaha! thanks.

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06 January 2009 @ 07:59 am

..please? |D
30 December 2008 @ 11:00 pm
Last night I wasn't able to sleep well because of my tooth ache and guess what? It's already 5 days since I first had it and it's getting worse as the day goes by.

When I told this to aoi_tenshi05 (sempai) she said that it is normal for a person to have a tooth ache. Really, I panicked there for a sec. I thought that I would end up having the same sickness as Yuuki (Kame's drama character) because if I remember correctly, the symptoms of his sickness started with a tooth ache...

hahahah! yeah! I'm just that paranoid when it comes to sickness.

anyway, even if I had a tooth problem a while ago..everything turned out fine. We all had fun watching QoP hahaha! yeah! and I am shipped to being a Jin fan again. Not that I don't like Kame anymore, I am a solid Kame fan so no matter what happens I would still be his fan. Anyway, Jin was giving off this aura that would make you like him again in the concert so yeah! we can't help ourselves but to flail over him.

PS. nerd and dorky Kame is the type of Kamenashi Kazuya thaT I like. He's cute that way, wearing polka-dotted tie, purple blazer, purple kiddie shorts, dorky glasses and his dorky permed hair....wooohoo!

29 December 2008 @ 01:17 am

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09 December 2008 @ 11:25 pm

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